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Let’s face it technology is growning and everything is becoming digital now-a-days. We have moved into the era that taking notes with pen and paper is so old school, Its now done on a tablet PC or smartphone.

We here at MixMaster Entertainment Services are starting to become more digital and with this being said we no longer are sending out a bridal planning packets or checklists for your next super sweet 16 birthday bash but rather instead giving you online planning tools to help create the next best event.

How is this done and how does it benefit you? Good question. There are many benefits to this.

-24/7 access… every time you save your work it notifys us via email on your planning progress so we can follow along and help if needed along the way.

-music lists (we all get stuck and can’t think of that song we want played for our grand enterance) now look over music lists to see what is popular.

-no more having to worry about loosing your forms or sending anything back in the mail.

-want to make a online payment to make your balance for our services go down? no problem! inside your planning page you will find access to making online payments via PayPal.

-and so much more!

It really is simple and easy to use and can really help to save on headaches of filling out paperwork and mailing it back. Make a mistake? rather can scribbling it out on paper you can just now simply delete your mistake without having to use the write out.

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