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Hello everyone! My name is Seth Michael Miller, But I go by Seth Michael or DJ Seth Michael. You may ask why I go by my middle name? Why because I’m different and like to be different, I don’t want to be like everyone else, and that is how I am when I DJ/Entertain. I want your event to be DIFFERENT! well because every event I do is different and it is custom tailored your way. I want your event to really make the difference and stand out from anything you have ever done before… I don’t want you to be labeled as my customer or client but as my friend whom I can help create that special time. In doing so I would like for you to get to know more about me and how I started and what I can do for you.

My love for music started at a young age. (not so much by playing an instrument because I never did. I hated music class in grade school) but because I listened to the radio and just “Jammed out”. I remember like it was yesterday I had received as  a gift a tape of  Los Del Rio- The Macarena. Not only that but I would play it and dance to it. Also I remember having my first CD as: The Spice Girls (hey whats wrong with that? they were good looking girls)
I never really determined what I had truly wanted to do until I was in middle school, that’s when I knew I wanted to be a “DJ” So how did this all come about? well going to the school dance played a big part. I loved the sound of the music how it was so loud and the colorful dance lights (not only that but the DJ they had was cool he knew some sweet magic tricks) so I began talking to him asking him how much this all cost him. I was shocked with how much this actually cost and well that didn’t stop me. I started to save money from well birthdays, Christmas and allowance that I received. Yea it took me quite along time to be able to save especially the temptation of wanting to spend it on other things. I eventually bought my first real DJ related gear or setup when I was in high school. During high school my dad connected me with another DJ whom he had worked with. I networked with this DJ (and still do to this day) to learn a lot more about the DJ world from there I kinda just picked up fast and not necessary on my own but with his help I grew and I grew fast. I went on to DJing weddings with this other DJ, So I learned as the years went on. During High School I was apart of the morning announcements and the drama team running either sound or lighting.  Anyway from here I started to grow and network with some great friends building my business as a professional working DJ Entertainer.  The person who created and designed my website we meant back in high school. I continue to grow as a professional working DJ Entertainer and I’m here to serve you!
As you can see thus far I have some great experience but it don’t end there. After high school I went off and did some college at Pennsylvania College Of Technology studying Mass Media Communications. I ended up having my own radio show (and still do) and learned a lot about being able to talk on the air and run station equipment. Before ever being interested in going to college for radio production I first during high school connected with my local radio station and as extra credit for some classes went and job shadowed one of the on air DJs and that’s how I knew I wanted to go to college for radio.
Til this day I still continue to work and grow as a mobile DJ Entertainer. You can never learn to much and there is always something you can learn. I continue to always strive to learn new ways and techniques to better myself and the business that I run.
Enough about me. I want to know more about you! what can I do to make your event special? I want you to let your dreams run wild, and let them flow because I’m here to make your dreams a reality. Feel free to browse my website for more information and don’t hesitate to contact me anytime! via email, or phone I’m here to answer your questions and help you 110% of the way.

“It is my job to provide a professional DJ Entertainment Service that is like no other service around. I am friendly, upbeat, and interactive. I will get your crowd moving. I offer a high-tech sound system and lighting show. I handle many types of events including weddings, birthdays, parties, school dances, etc. anywhere music is a must. Nothing is too small or too big for MixMaster Entertainment Services. We have all types of music past/present. Remember you only got once chance to make it the best so choose MixMaster Entertainment Services.”

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